3 Questions for You to Ask Yourself Before Designing a Google Ad for Real Estate

In a world where the Internet has enabled a customer-first market and permitting transactions in seconds, businesses have to be fully equipped to attract and retain their millennial customer base. Google is the ultimate resort for e-commerce businesses to expand their market share with the help of Adwords.

Google ads for real estate can be a table turner for business owners as they venture into the market on a budget. Google AdWords can assist real estate agents in reaching out to their desired pool of potential buyers, by linking their ads with related keyword searches. Moreover, you only have to pay for the ad when an Internet surfer clicks on it - a win-win deal!

Google Marketing for Real Estate Business.jpg

At VicVoice, we recommend real estate agents to step in their buyer’s shoes and ask themselves the following questions before they envision a Google ad for their business.

1. What will be the call for action for your buyer?

Make Google Ads for real estate action based, centring the potential purchase on an action. To penetrate into an Internet user’s short attention span, you must place a button asking them to do something; leaving their contact information, signing up for updates or booking an appointment.

2. Where will your ad take your customer?

Getting a Google ad designed for your real estate without a roadmap is a grave mistake. Even well-elaborated ads fail where landing pages are not well thought of. A thoroughly designed website is a prerequisite to tackle leads generated by ads and convert them into sales effectively.

3. Do you operate in your customer’s area?

A great perk offered by Google ads is its customisation feature. It enables the addition of zip codes so that you can be area specific and target your customer individually. Therefore, Google Ads for real estate can narrow down your target market for you to hit ever lead precisely.

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