3 Simple Daily Actions to Take For Lead Generation for Travel Agency

Did you know that most travel agents are unaware of digital marketing and so unable to generate leads? If you’re one of them, start thinking about winning new customers to earn a good profit. In this blog, we will highlight how the following actions will take your travel agency business to the next level:

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3 Easy Ways for Lead Generation for Travel Agency  

1. Live stream New Destinations

How’s the idea of live streaming new destinations? It’s the best way to attract new visitors. Use tools such as Periscope and Facebook Live that can be downloaded to make new inspiring content for your website. A powerful marketing video is a must-have to create real-time engagement with travellers.

2. Decision Micro-Moments

Watch >Discover >Research > Buy it. What does it mean?

As a travel agent, you must understand your customers thinking process that will probably go through like:

  • Dreaming – customers dream “I want to get away.”

  • Planning – the customer wants: this trip to be perfect. As a travel agent, you must plan each trip to the minute details.

  • Booking – customer now will look for booking “I want to get the best travel agent.”

  • Experience – learn what your customer want “I want skiing.” Create memorable moments for your client. Learn their preferences before you plan with them. If they want skiing, make sure to make it happen.

3. SEO

You cannot move on without having a good SEO expert that constantly manages your travel agency business online and help you get more leads and customers.

Looking To Hire a Credible SEO Company?

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