7 things to know before you start Digital Marketing for your business?

1. First and foremost is a Conversion Optimised Website


We all know what a website is. But what is a CRO website? CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation, it is an ongoing continuous process to ensure that the site visitors are able to find information according to their buying journey and are able to take action to engage with you conveniently. Imagine a website with stunning images and visuals but not prominent calls-to-action. Not a thought through design that would encourage you to learn more about them, or to leave your information with them or to chat with them straight away if you have any questions

The CRO includes but not limited to Colours, Contrasts, Button Placements, Forms, Live Chats, Images and Alignment and so much more. If you have a website and decent number of visitors but less than 2% getting in touch with you, consider getting it reviewed by an expert for a CRO Audit. If conversion rate (Visitors taking action divided-by Total visitors)  on your website go from 1% to 4%, it may look like a 3% increase but in effect means that your enquiries through the website have literally quadrupled


2. AdWords? What? Why and How?

Quick results? AdWords is Worlds largest, Google backed Pay-per-click medium that helps businesses to attract traffic to the website almost instantly by paying a click cost for every visitor brought to the website based on a certain Search term.

Great for quick results. It has the capability to become a machine that dispenses a $5 note for every $2 gold coin you put in. Sounds fancy? It is a reality for millions of businesses including 34 that we manage at VicVoice. Want to be our #35? Get in touch

3. Facebook / Instagram, Social Media Ads and Content Marketing - What? Why? How?

Facebook? 2 Billion of us are on it... While more and more businesses are jumping on to it every minute, making it more and more competitive, you shouldn't waste one more day to start learning how to harness the Facebook for your benefit. Remember, just creating a new page and inviting your friends to like it is not all you need to know to get the maximum out of your Facebook page. It is now possible to hire an expert doing it for you, posting new content, interacting with your community for as low as $110 per week. If you do not have the skill-set or time to do it, better engage and expert or learn the craft online. 


4. Search Engine Optimisation? Why Slow? Why a must have? How to avoid SEO Scam?

Slow moving beast, but oh boy! nothing like it.... According to world's largest information source on Digital Advertising, AdWeek, 81% of people check online before making a buying decision. Guess what are they doing? yes, typing that in google and checking first page links. Are you ranking high for your relevant keywords? Are you showing up in search results of people literally holding their credit cards in their hands ready to make a purchase? If yes, good on you! you must be having a great time. If no, you have to take this matter urgently and at least get the basic onsite SEO done. 

5. Email Marketing & SMS Marketing. What? Why? How?

Email marketing is not too new, yet one of the best mediums to focus on despite the changes. There are several factors that constitute a good email marketing effort but the most prominent ones are the art of copywriting, choosing the right email marketing platform, planning of the 'incremental-ask' and having a really strong call to action to where the whole campaign converges.

SMS Marketing is not dead. More than 85% open rate means that you can make sure you can display your message (and optionally, a call to action weblink) on their mobile screens.  If you already have a database of customers, get in touch with us to find out

6. Reporting - How to keep track of your performance. Know impressions>Clicks>Conversions

"If we keep doing and don't monitor, there is no way we can improve" -

A good reporting tool can help you understand the interaction of the prospects with your Digital Media face including website, fan-page, social media etc. and gives you valuable insights and action plan to engage them better.


7. Use of a free world-class CRM? What? Why and how?

A good Customer Relationship tool can help you manage your contacts and your interactions with them. You can also manage your pipeline, sales cycles, and your communication with them from within the CRM. Our 2 top picks are HubSpot and ZohoCRM.

Bonus: #8 > Power of email, webinars,funnels and marketing automation

Yes, it is now possible to automate your marketing and create a system that is working like a clone of yourself talking to your prospects, understanding their needs and attracting your target customers to your doorsteps without you breaking a sweat (or breaking your bank)? Here is a quick intro. Get in touch with us to learn more