A Guide on Google Marketing for E-commerce

There is a lot of marketing tools coming out of Google Labs that would benefit your e-commerce business. Many of these are free. Whether you need to translate product description into another a language or need to determine the visibility of your online presence such as a website or social media platform, there’s a Google tool for that.

Here is a list of Google tools for Google Marketing for E-commerce business.

Business Tools

  •  Analytics
    This is the web analytics solution that tells you about your traffic data or visitors’ behaviour to help you create better-targeted ads; better content that interests your visitors etc. By using this tool, you can manage your AdWords campaigns in a better way.

  •  Alerts
    Behaviour Alerts help that businesses that rely on having the latest information in the industry. Simply enter in the topic you wish to monitor, the volume of results you plan to achieve, the type of data you want from news to blogs and more, and get it all via email. Create your news story on time and stay on your competitor.

  • Picasa
    The e-commerce business is all about visuals. With the help of Picasa, you can edit, store and share photos online. It is advisable to create slideshows of your products and embed those into your website.

  • Real-time
    Search out all activity in real time on social networks, track popular posts, follow trends and tweets from around the world, find articles, blog posts all in real time.

  • Docs
    This powerful suite manages office documents rivals. Create and collaborate anything from Microsoft Office, on spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, robust word processing, and interactive forms for surveys.

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