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E-commerce Marketing: A Guide to Lead Generation for Boutique Shop

Every online store wants to increase customer portal which is only possible with the use of right digital marketing tactics. Online selling is a challenging job! This is why you need to be vigilant which marketing tactics are right for your business and which should be discarded.  In this blog, we have discussed a few effective marketing strategies to help you reach your target audience.

1. Launch a Facebook store

You have no idea how facebook might help you in increasing your customer portal. Although the platform has undergone a number of changes still it remains a viable e-commerce marketing platform. The Facebook store can integrate with Shopify store; better yet you don’t have to keep a record of separate inventory.

2. Capture more email subscribers

Email marketing is the most effective and easiest channels at your disposal for Lead Generation for Boutique Shop. On an average, it contributes 24% of revenue. Email marketing can offer intimate interaction with customers as messages sent to their personal inboxes are more responsive than social media post.

3. Improve your email campaigns

Collect a bunch of email addresses and send regular, valuable emails for an effective e-commerce marketing activity. Your subscribers will appreciate if you send emails on various occasions. Like you can:

  • Send a welcome email when a customer makes a purchase.

  • Send regular newsletters of new discount offers, product tips, and company news when appropriate.

  • Provide exclusive gifts and promo codes.

  • Share relevant, helpful content of customer’s interest to help them.

  • Send a personal note and thank your highest-value customers, expressing your appreciation for their trust in you.

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How Lead Generation for Mortgage Broker Look Like?

How-To-Do-It? The process of generating leads for mortgage brokers is similar to any other type of business- same lead gen toolbox that works on industries. Although the marketing strategy of lead generation process is approximately the same for any other industry what a broker should understand and that differ from others is the ‘human factor’.

Define your Target Audience

First, you should learn about your target audience to references, etc. that can be easily learned using the right marketing tools. In our opinion, you should focus on these three audiences:

1. First home buyers

  • They trust referrals

  • They need guidance

  • They would trust you and pay more for a better service.

2. Refinance seekers

  • They are sensitive to rates

  • They are experienced and know how things work

  • They spend more time looking around for cheap quotes.

3. Property investors

  • They are open to opportunities

  • They search for the next big deal

  • Profit drives them

Now it’s clear that three types of audiences require a different lead generation strategy because each one has different plans from the other.

Create Facebook Ads for Better Lead Generation for Mortgage Brokers

Unfortunately, targeting people is a complex job. However, It’d be awesome though if you workaround in an effective prescribed manner. Take help of a good Facebook Ad agency that would help you in generating good leads as they know how to do it properly.

Attract audience via the content creation strategy, perfect for a Facebook lead generation campaign. Good content will grab people attention “who knows his/her stuff.”

Create content by providing useful information and answering those questions like “what mistakes should first time home buyers avoid.” Whether it’s a video, a blog post, or an infographic make sure it is free for the public.

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Why Is Lead Generation For Accountants So Challenging?

Generating qualified accounting leads is a complex job due to a couple of good reasons. First, there are compliance requirements to use certain audit and tax services, so the thinking process is that if I must do it, I should try to minimize costs. Second, accounting services are the need of every business needs, so there is high competition. And since same accounting laws and principles apply across industries, so all are competing out there.

Simple Tricks for Lead Generation for Accountants

1. Get serious about social media

The use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is continuously growing in popularity with 2 billion average monthly users.  Social media is simply the online and easiest version of networking. So if you have a strong presence on these platforms, you are likely to connect with your potential clients now and in the future.

2. Do a major study and publish very useful content.

Nothing adds credibility like the release of a groundbreaking specific industry study. Of course, if you answer a question in your published content everyone is dying to have answered, chances of being noticed will be high and taken seriously. Find a useful topic to target your group and explain it in a simple, understandable way.

3. Landing page apps and plugins

Do you have a good website for your accounting company? If not, hire an experienced web developer to the job. There is also software that can help you build a landing page, but we suggest you to hire your webmaster to set it up. Also maintain an updated blog section in your website that provides useful information to the visitors to keep them updated about the latest changes in the industry, etc. A good, SEO based, blog section will help you reach your target audience in a very short period.   

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Learn About Overvalued Strategies for Lead Generation for Financial Consultant

Most financial advisors aren’t aware of digital marketing strategies and thus, find it difficult to generate sales leads on a consistent basis. In most cases, either they are using old marketing strategies or consider internet world as of no use. These outdated strategies include direct mail, cold calling, and magazine or newspaper ads.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Overvalued Strategies of Lead Generation for Financial Consultant that isn’t as powerful as you think.

  • Direct Mail:
    It didn’t target specific people and viewed as junk mail by most of the recipients, which lead to a low conversion rate.

  • Cold Calling:
    Gone are the days when cold calling was considered a powerful marketing tool. These days’ financial advisors and others receive a lot of negative responses due to cold calls because it leads to frustration and a low success rate.

  • Newspaper and Magazine Ads:
    Ads don’t target a specific audience unless you are placing in niche publications. This is not an effective way to target potential customers.

  • Website:
    A website without good informative content is useless. If you have a website with your business details on it, but no blog post or articles then it’s not going to generate much traffic for you. Remember, “content is king” so if you hire knowledgeable writers to post articles on your website, included relevant keywords, then you can increase your SEO rankings and generate qualified leads.

Is Lead Generation for Financial Consultant Services Worth the Cost?

In this age, a business cannot survive without effective Digital Media Marketing strategies, and lead generation is not an option for your company.  To grow your financial consultancy business, it is important to hire the team of Digital Marketing experts who are experienced in the field and provide affordable services to business owners.

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How to Make a Solid System for Lead Generation for Small Business?

Business growth is a long-term and difficult process. Many successful small business owners work day and night looking to expand their customer base. One of the ingredients of growing a business is to have a steady stream of sales leads (a person, or B2B company that has an interest in your products or services. However, generating a sales lead for a small business is a complex job. Here are some tips that will help you identify sales leads and turn them into customers.

Basic Elements of Successful Lead Generation for Small Business

1. Identify Your Target Audience

You can't successfully reach to your ideal customer if you’re not aware of their taste and preferences, so it's important to research about them and come up with a clear picture of what they like to do, who they are, what their lifestyle, where they live, personality, etc. Identifying your audience is the first and foremost step of lead generation and without which your digital marketing efforts will go in vain. Therefore, it's better to create a comprehensive marketing plan.

2. Make Wise Promotional Plans

In order to generate  successful sales leads, you need to make a promotional plan that will make your products and services highlight in front of a targeted audience There are a number of ways to do this, for example, an informational website, speaking engagements, blog, social media, current customer referrals, pay per click (PPC) advertising, industry events, and traditional advertising. All these ideas would help you target your customer base.

3. Use an Email Newsletter

One of the best ways to effectively communicate and cultivate those relationships with your prospective customers is through an email newsletter, so you can convert the lead stage into a sale and a repeat sale! Do not ignore the importance of email marketing.

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Are You Looking For A Solid Lead Generation For Electricians?

We know that referrals are a valuable source of traffic for service providers like plumbers, electricians, etc., a solid lead generation strategy is a must-have to ensure a steady flow of profitable business.

Let’s take a look how lead generation for electricians can be useful in generating more business.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you to connect with people right in their inboxes. The first step is to gather email addresses, and when you got the list, it’s time to put them to good use. Start by sending people a welcome email once they download your content. Later, follow up them with more tailored and targeted content based on what they have downloaded. Like if someone downloads a guide related to choosing the right electrician, you can email them with some more helpful materials that inspire them to hire your services. Also, send out promotional offers to encourage people to take action.

2. Content Marketing

Content is king. From blog posts to online guides and infographics to videos, you can target your customers by creating helpful, informative content. For instance, if someone researches about electrician and comes across a helpful post published by you, they will be more likely to avail your services.

3. Local Search Engine Optimisation (Seo)

SEO process helps websites to optimised, with the help of keywords, to rank higher in search engine results. When people living in your area search for electricians, you want to appear in the top and SEO help you to rank high and ensure that your business attracts traffic in your area.

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Master the Art of Lead Generation for Plumbers

On a related note, plumbing is something most of us take for granted until serious problems arise; nobody wants to call a plumbing company. Right? Marketing and Lead Generation for Plumbers is a complex job, but that does not mean you sit back and wait for the potential clients to call you. Smart plumber marketing techniques will help you succeed. The strategies include:


1: Focus on Local SEO

The most common questions related to plumbing marketing are:

  • How to generate leads?

  • How will visitors turn into customers?

  • How to get more calls?

  • Should I buy plumbing leads?

The first and foremost thing every plumbing company should consider is their local SEO process, the best way to get plumbing leads.

2. Build an email list

Building and maintaining an email list (email marketing) in your business plan is the best strategy so far as we all know that email is one of the best marketing and least expensive tools out there.

Consider putting some good content in your emails. Some suggestions include:

  • Providing valuable information about plumbing

  • Sharing general home maintenance advice

  • Promoting special seasonal deals

  • Information about local events

Once people subscribe, they will think of you when need plumbing service.

3: Identify Older Homes in Your Area

Do a little research and identify older homes nearby. Even a home built last year can have plumbing issues. However, the older the homes are more likely to have repair and maintenance problems. For example, when you identify older homes, you can target those homeowners via Facebook ads or with a direct mailing campaign to inform how your plumbing service will add value to their beautiful home.

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3 Best Ways for Lead Generation for Ecommerce Store

E-commerce Lead Generation

Are you running an online store? ECommerce lead generation is different than a lead generation in other industries. This is because there isn’t probably a physical store to visit and your target leads are people who are likely to buy something from your online store. What is a lead? Simply, every visitor who reaches your website landing page is a lead. Greater the leads, greater will be the sales. That’s it.

Let’s have a look at three different ways of creating Lead Generation for an Ecommerce store.


1. Take Advantage of Cookies

What is a cookie? A cookie in PHP is used to identify a user. It is a small file (on the user's computer) that the server embeds. You can retarget visitors based on the cookies they receive when visiting your website. So it’s better to take advantage of visitors’ cookies for retargeting them.

2. Build Your Social Following

Did you know that the distance between lead and sale is very small? If visitors (aka leads) have shown interest in your brand, you can call them your social media followers. Therefore, social media helps e-commerce store to grow in a way that traditional advertising simply can’t.

3. Offer Discounts and Deals

For e-commerce, lead generation is a valuable strategy. One effective way is to offer great deals and discounts to people who are willing to buy from you. Try getting email addresses and in exchange, you could offer free shipping… after all, the best start for Lead Generation for E-commerce is setting up an email list. Email marketing helps you communicate effectively and nurture leads.

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Why Is Lead Generation for Restaurant Important?

Do you own a restaurant and tired of the cutthroat competition? With lots of rapidly changing trends and competition, it is now getting tough to keep your restaurant business at the forefront of customers’ minds.

Lead generation is the marketing process of capturing consumer’s interest in a product or service to develop a good sales pipeline. The buying process as compared to a few years back has drastically changed now. Therefore, marketers need to find new attractive ways to reach potential buyers. Instead of finding customers with traditional advertising methods, the businessman must now focus on being tech savvy and learn to build relationships with buyers.


Let’s explore some techniques for Lead Generation for Restaurant to attract new customers and maintain existing customers coming back.

Offer Customers Something New

Many prospective customers are tech-savvy and may not have time to wait in queues or to even sit down for a long time dinner. Therefore, you need to think accordingly and make it easy for customers to order food from you. A few techniques include:

  • Implement delivery services:  
    Give customers the convenience of enjoying your food without leaving their homes.

  • Implement food order app:
    Keep up with technology to generate leads for your business. From ordering your restaurant food online to reserving a table, customers like to book everything via an app. Filling out an online form is easier than making a phone call and waiting for someone to answer.

  • Make your website accessible to all devices:
    Your website should be updated with latest deals and promotions of your restaurant and easily accessible on smartphones

  • Create a facebook page:
    Facebook has around 2 billion monthly users from all over the world so why not to market your business on this leading platform? Create an attractive page and run Ads to generate more leads.

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