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What can SEO marketing do for electricians?

Why would an electrician need seo marketing in his life? What is the link between online marketing and electricians? At first, such questions arise surrounded by heaps of absurdity. A small-scale profession seems too simple for a complex seo marketing strategy. But the link is deep-rooted and highly required in today’s day and age.

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Our company creates a localised seo roadmap for electricians and electrical contractors owing to the location-based nature of their job. An electrician needs much more localised and specific keywords for his potential customers to find him on a search engine. Drawing relevance links between keywords and locality, we help you stand out among your competing service providers so that you walk away with a heavier pocket. Our localised approach has the following checkpoints to ensure sales through your website:

  • Customising and regularly updating your search engine business page

  • Acquiring search engine map listings for you

  • Uploading content on your website that is locally relevant

  • Updating your website’s loading time and operational speed

  • Creating NAP listing across the web so that people can reach you easily

  • Fixing NAP bugs

  • Tailoring your website to ensure conversions in terms of more calls and/or web forms

Being highly data driven, our company looks at your business with a time period approach. We filter out years of accumulated data to chalk out a seo marketing strategy that highly tailored to your abilities and the quality of services you can provide, especially when you have the ease of being a click away from your customers. Catering to your budget, we manage strategies in a way that they reach full potential in generating sale leads from organic traffic and reward you with sufficient ROI.

When solutions are planned out to solve your problems in a much more customised fashion, book a consultation with a simple click and let us create the roadmap for you.

This is how online stores can generate organic traffic in competitive times

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A question often arises in an online store owner’s mind, why should an e-commerce business rely on seo marketing? One often neglects the scientific art coded in an SEO strategy, to enable a creative user-business experience through a design which gives a competitive edge.

Search engines list search results in a way that an online user does not have to return for better answers, he finds the best results in his first search. Therefore, to secure a top ranking for your e-commerce business, making the most of SEO marketing to attract organic search. An online store attracts customers with appealing photographs of products and realistic reviews posted on its website, compelling potential buyers to believe what they see.

A customer who is contemplating to buy your product will make the decision in a moment and a bug-free website will take seconds to boost your sales.  An entrepreneur can further create a value-added buying experience for its online buyer, by posting a comparison chart with its competitors market. Consequently, organic traffic will transform into loyal customers.

To bag the top position in search engines, the first step is to use buyer intent keywords. These are the keywords a buyer uses as he searches for a product on the Internet.  SEO optimisation can be enhanced further by researching the keywords used for your e-commerce competitors, these businesses would be ranking higher than you on search engines and there must be effective keywords behind their success. However, it is not wise to replicate all of their keywords, rather pick out the ones that appeal most to your business.

Moreover, the use of breadcrumbs is another shortcut to securing more traffic and win at other e-commerce stores. This is a technique we use and encourage to advance search by letting search engines scan and index your online business. You can check for breadcrumbs when you enter your e-commerce business name or website in a search engine and if you find “ -> category -> subcategory”, then breadcrumbs have been executed successfully.

Therefore, as the words e-commerce shows how closely linked it is to the Internet, our company will ensure all the basics and complex features are in place to generate traffic and sales for your business. Book a free consultation in an instant and let's make you a market leader.

SEO optimisation to attract customers to your newly launched restaurant

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Moving back to his hometown, Richard carried a dream on his shoulders - materialising his dream of setting up a restaurant he had been envisioned for years. Through the course of time, he gathered finances and set up a promising-looking restaurant, following his passion. However, his passion started to exhaust when people did not place orders in numbers he expected. Upon consulting experts, he discovered what his restaurant lacked - effective seo optimisation.

At our company, we aim to assist new businesses in the market to find their footing and build their future with a successful game plan. When every business is surviving with the help of digital marketing, then survival is impossible without a highly optimised website.

SEO optimisation demands an evolving cycle of efforts to stay updated with the changing trends and needs of restaurant customers who order online. Getting a website built from a company or designing one yourself is not a one-time effort, a restaurant owner needs to keep going back to it. Our SEO-optimisation packages include a regular up gradation and micromanagement of your business’s website.

However, restaurant owners are required to stay proactive in keeping a look at analytics regularly and note down possible problem areas on your website and its pages. In SEO optimisation, what matters is your organic traffic so it is vital for you to utilise a tool which enables tracking of organic traffic as well as page rankings in comparison to each keyword target. A monthly dashboard, whether on Excel or Google sheets, is a great way to follow up on numbers and customers reaching you through organic search.

Moreover, tracking leads, ROIs, inbound links and ranking on the search engine results page, in addition to keywords, can further complement monitoring.

To get started with SEO optimisation in the most effective way possible, we are here to help you in ensuring success at your restaurant’s doorstep. Book a free consultation!

5 ways to market your pizza shop

Pizza, undoubtedly the most popular fast food in the world, is consumed in very other households. It is safe to say that you do not need to spend your blood and sweat in selling pizza; it sells itself when marketed online.  For a pizza shop to thrive, here are a few essential tips for venturing into the world of seo marketing.

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1. Professional photos make great content

Despite their wonders, some things cannot be done by smartphones: professional photography. For food businesses, pictures attract more traffic than words. In order to market your pizza shop, you need mouth-watering pictures of cheese melting on a warm crust with toppings immersed in it, apart from effective SEO marketing.

2. User-friendly navigation

Even well-planned SEO marketing strategies fail when your website seems difficult for the customer to navigate, after all, he may not have hours at his disposal to order a simple pizza. If a customer finds what he’s looking for quickly, then your website’s average engagement time will increase whereas your bounce rate will drop.

3. Convenient URLs

Uniform resource locator is the address a customers types in the search bar to reach specific tabs of your website. Seo market becomes effective only when these URLs compromise of keywords on your web site's page titles; menu, location map, etc.

4. Attractive meta titles for your website

Meta titles do not have a place for on your website, rather is the bridge between an Internet user and a customer. An attractive meta title brings your potential customer to your website, and at that moment he may or may not become your pizza shop customer.

We are afree consultation booking away from designing a successful marketing strategy for your pizza shop.

Here is how a travel agency can increase sales through SEO marketing

Gone are the days when travel agencies had colourful brochures printed and slipped into houses through their main doors, to end up in bins later. Now is the time to triumph by reaching potential customers in the palm of their hands - their cellphones. Seo marketing is a promising tool to engage the audience and build sales, so let us tell you how can you dive right in.

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Know your clientele

You cannot interact with a person without knowing what they want, hence, travel agency brochures landed in dustbins despite all your effort. Demographics are not the only thing you need. Rather, it is important to what they look for and how do they search for it.

Locating points of interests and frustrating triggers on search engines is the first step on this road. It is highly recommended for travel agencies to segment their customer base into groups and then employ SEO marketing strategies to engage different groups on their website.

Look at your website with a bird’s eye view

In addition to looking into details and micromanaging your website’s SEO content, it is highly beneficial for a business to have a broad look at their website. You may notice how well designed your website is, but it may not be attracting enough traffic. The reason is that it may not be effectively optimised for clicks, so call a professional like our company and let us help you in building an effectively attractive website.

Understand micro-moments

Micro-moments are those instances, which contain action, a mobile phone user uses his phone to do something meaningful; to research, to buy, to sell or to take any decision whatsoever. In these few seconds, an effective SEO marketing strategy can grab potential customers and actually manage to sell your travel agency’s services. In these moments, a traveller will start planning his travel adventures and your travel agency might be the one taking lead.

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3 things you should know before marketing your real estate online

In a cyber world that breathes through clicks, search engine optimising is the key to unlocking success for your business. Gathering capital and founding a massive company would not earn you revenue until and unless you know the effectiveness of digital marketing of today’s world. Gone are the days for paper ads, busy lives do not leave potential buyers with enough time to fidget through newspapers to locate a promising opportunity in a sea of words.  There are three deal breakers for you to know before you decide to market your real estate properties online using SEO tools. After all, more than 90% real estate buyers use the Internet before they take any decision.

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1. Quality comes first

Instead of spamming websites or filling pages with words, which would be too many for a buyer to filter out on a busy day, prioritise quality of the content as your main focus. Quality of marketing content attracts customers more than any other factor. No amount of expertise can guarantee website traffic unless the content is perfectly worked up.

2. Mobile-friendly strategies

In today’s digitised world, there is an app for possible every problem existing in the world. In the words of Apple, ‘There’s an app for that!’.  Time has ousted the need to use desktops and even laptops, so the best bet to attract customers is by building content that can be accessed by mobile phone users.

3. Do not confine to one search engine

When you can use SEO to market your real estate as much as possible, then why would you want to restrict your business to one search engine? Every buyer in the world is not a Google fan; some might be looking for a business like yours on other search engines as well.  

When right marketing decisions are a click away, nothing seems difficult. Book a Free Consultation with us for a winning strategy!

3 Best SEO Practices for Accountants

Launching a business in the market is a challenging quest with all kinds of apprehensions keeping your mind baffled. In times like these, a customer’s perspective can clear the hazy picture to a great extent. An account has to step into his client’s shoes to envision how he will be exploring the Internet to look for professional accounting services. That is when seo marketing can be the game changer for your firm.

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At VicVoice, we firmly believe in the following SEO marketing practices for successful optimisation for accountants.

1. Well researched keywords

In order to make a newly launched accountancy firm visible to the client pool, the safe approach is to penetrate into a niche. On average, an accountant will be juggling between the following keywords:

·         Accounts

·         Bookkeeping

·         Taxes

We advise our accountant clients to dig deeper into more specific keywords to make the most out of SEO for accountants, for instance, accounting services for small businesses.

2.  Keep plagiarism at bay

It is critical to say that your website’s entire content pool is 100% original. Seo for accountants works only when the content is not replicated from elsewhere, owing to the fact that search engines do not index copied content. Our company makes sure that your content is original and authentic, after running it through plagiarism checking software.

3. A website tailored for ideal clients

If you are a B2B accountancy service provider, you must view your website as the business coming to you for accountancy solutions. SEO for accountants will generate conversion when you build your website around client needs, rather than your functions explicitly. Therefore, it is an ideal way to resonate with your potentials clients in a better way. Seo marketing works best when website visitors can take away valuable learning from your website’s content.

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SEO Marketing for Boutique Shop: A Guide

Are you an entrepreneur who recently ventured into the fashion industry?

Are you striving to reach your audience?

Are you aware of how SEO marketing can benefit you?

SEO Marketing for Boutique Shop.jpeg

Then you have landed yourself on the right blog, equipped with solutions to resolve your dilemma in a manageable ‘fashion’.

This guide for SEO marketing for a boutique shop is divided into seven simplified steps.

1. Opt for Google Analytics

In addition to outsourcing your SEO marketing campaign, you need to keep and in house look at your website’s analytics. Download Google Analytics application for your website to keep a check on traffic coming to your website for fashion solutions, the performance of your keywords and other useful information about your boutique shop’s audience.

2. Track your Indexing status

In order to check whether Google is crawling your website up to higher ranks, you need to enter your domain in Google search bar and check for pages shown versus actual pages your website has. This will be a check for any possible error hindering Google from indexing your website and the need to hire a marketing expert.

3. Google Webmaster

To keep up with the need to update your SEO marketing strategies for your boutique shop, you need to use Google Webmaster to track crawling data, backlinks, keyword performance etc. In this way, you assess the performance of SEO strategies design by the company you hired.

4. Image Optimisation

A greater part of the content for your boutique shop will be in the form images of the dresses you are offering. Therefore, in order to translate images into readable content for search engines, you ought to optimise the content you upload. The use of ALT tags can assist Google in associating words to images, therefore, ALT tags’ description ought to be as thorough as possible.

5. Categorised pages

Your website needs to have category pages for different types of dresses you are selling, for instance, formal, pret, casual, etc. These pages will attract a greater volume of customers and take them to the depths of services your boutique shop provides. However, VicVoice discourages excessive use of category pages to avoid duplicated content and lower chances of website crawling.

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