Does Facebook Ads for Small Business Work?

Facebook's ad, with above 2 million users, help business owners to target audience. The Social Network cannot be ignored- yet that's exactly what small business owners are doing and if you’re doing the same, chances are your business will be burned shortly.

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How Do Facebook Ads Small Business Work?

If you want to advertise through the Facebook ad, then you need to provide either a free offer or so well-priced for your target market that it's a no-brainer for them.

1. Set up a Facebook audience

Facebook's Power Editor, can be used to customise your audience based on age, location, gender, relationship status, job title, and so much more.

Note: For Facebook Ads Small Business, Power Editor is used where serious advertising happens. This tool lets you do much more, including advertising on Instagram, creating custom audiences, and testing different versions of similar ads.

2. Free offer

Give your audience a free offer- it may be a free eBook, a free physical product, or trial membership. The goal of your Facebook Ads for Small Business is to get the user over to a landing page.

3. Sell via email, retargeting, etc.

Once you get success via your lead's trust, it's high time to sell your real product. Email, phone or any other means can be used, or you can use a Facebook Pixel (a small snippet of code) to retarget the user with ads.

Other Key Considerations for Facebook Ads for Small Business

Define budget and spend

You have complete control over your money when creating a Facebook ad. As an advertiser, it's your choice how much you want to spend - set a daily budget or limit over the life of the campaign.

Test, test, test

Power Editor gives you an option to test multiple ads, so by modifying just one component, you can see which version produces the best ROI.

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