Don’t You Have Marketing Support? Learn How Social Media Help You In Lead Generation For Pizza Shop

A sales lead defined as advertising, marketing, referrals, social media, product trials, networking, and outreach is the best way to reach the target audience. Many businessmen don't have the marketing support to generate leads but still, have to capture the hearts of people. Luckily, social media has helped many businesses to reach their target audience in a short period. Here are a few ways you can use social media for generating inbound leads on your own.


Lead Generation For Pizza Shop

Facebook ads help you find prospective customers if you use it effectively for generating lead activities. Sending Facebook traffic from an Ad to your website landing page is the best ways to find qualified leads that, are likely to convert to a final sale.


Contests help to generate qualified leads. However, it is important that you include the right kind of prize and optimises them intelligently.

4 Strategies For Generating Leads With A Facebook Ad And Landing Page

1.  Create a colourful Ad which highlights your contest’s prize is front.

2. Make your prize valuable.

3. Create a landing page (contest-centred) which requires users to provide their contact details like an email address to enter the contest.

4. Run contest and ad for 2-4 weeks at least.

Facebook Ad Headline Best Practice:

  • The word “Free” will attract users.

  • Focus your headline on being communicating value and should be eye-catching. Your body copy tells users what to do.

Facebook Ad targeting is simply the best marketing strategy that makes ROI feasible and a good investment. We recommend you to hire experts for the job because an ad without targeting is a waste of time and money.

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