Guide to Online Marketing for Plumbers

In 2018, plumbing companies are more concerned about digital marketing than ever before. This is because increased competition has the most significant impact on a company’s revenue. Therefore, Online Marketing for Plumbers is a must-have for your plumbing business. Some popular online marketing services include

1. Website Design
Before you start, make your website fast and mobile-friendly. Customers don’t have much time to wait for your website to load and if loading takes much time, you will lose your customer.
• Install plumber schema
• Add click-to-call
• Make it mobile-friendly

2. Invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
For effective Online Marketing for Plumbers, you need to invest in SEO to generate more leads in your service area. After creating a website, make it visible to the audience with SEO; the process of showing up your web pages higher in the search results page. It’s a long-term marketing strategy and takes enough time to see results.

3. Invest In Pay Per Click (PPC)
Needs lead NOW? For Immediate Results, invest in Pay per click advertising (PPC). This strategy allows plumbers/plumbing company to be found on Google’s first page immediately. The two biggest benefits of investing in PPC are; it delivers quick results, and advertising is controlled. PPC Online Marketing for Plumbers only puts your message (on the first page) actively searching for your services.

4. Use Email Marketing
Staying in front of old customers apart from finding the new ones should be a top priority for plumbing companies. Email marketing is an essential part of Online Marketing for Plumber's campaign. It helps you
• Stay in touch with your customers
• Improve your brand awareness
• Generate more sales

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