How to Win New Clients Via Facebook Ads For Accountants?

Creating Facebook Ads For Accountants can be tricky, particularly for beginners. To say that Facebook (the world’s biggest social media platform) is for all types of businesses; small, medium or large. The staggering figure of 2.19 billion monthly active users means that the platform is a veritable goldmine. To create Facebook Ads for Accountants, you need to focus on the following factors.

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What is your Conversion Funnel?
Your conversion funnel can be your online store or blog. More often than not, when advertisements appear on the Facebook majority, people forget to lay out their conversion funnel which might affect your leads and conversions. To create Facebook Ads for Accountants, you need to determine what you want your prospects to do when the advertisement is being clicked- people who click on your ads have also landed to your catalogue?

Conversion funnels for ads can be;
• Having people chat with you or get in touch with you?
• Having people reached your website landing page?

Who is my target Audience?
The good thing about Facebook is that it’s a vast platform, and the chances of getting connected to a wide range of people are high, but the bad news is that meeting the right audience can be quite a difficult. However, you can use a wide range of parameters to customise the right kind of audience.
Targeting Parameters; location, gender, age, interest, job title, language, and many more.

Patience and the Testing-The key to success
Remember when creating Facebook Ads for Accountants, is not an overnight process. You need to try out many things and wait patiently before hitting on the right formula because the advertising process is bit complex. In fact, at the end of the day, your hard work and patience will begin to bear fruit.
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