Learn About Overvalued Strategies for Lead Generation for Financial Consultant

Most financial advisors aren’t aware of digital marketing strategies and thus, find it difficult to generate sales leads on a consistent basis. In most cases, either they are using old marketing strategies or consider internet world as of no use. These outdated strategies include direct mail, cold calling, and magazine or newspaper ads.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Overvalued Strategies of Lead Generation for Financial Consultant that isn’t as powerful as you think.

  • Direct Mail:
    It didn’t target specific people and viewed as junk mail by most of the recipients, which lead to a low conversion rate.

  • Cold Calling:
    Gone are the days when cold calling was considered a powerful marketing tool. These days’ financial advisors and others receive a lot of negative responses due to cold calls because it leads to frustration and a low success rate.

  • Newspaper and Magazine Ads:
    Ads don’t target a specific audience unless you are placing in niche publications. This is not an effective way to target potential customers.

  • Website:
    A website without good informative content is useless. If you have a website with your business details on it, but no blog post or articles then it’s not going to generate much traffic for you. Remember, “content is king” so if you hire knowledgeable writers to post articles on your website, included relevant keywords, then you can increase your SEO rankings and generate qualified leads.

Is Lead Generation for Financial Consultant Services Worth the Cost?

In this age, a business cannot survive without effective Digital Media Marketing strategies, and lead generation is not an option for your company.  To grow your financial consultancy business, it is important to hire the team of Digital Marketing experts who are experienced in the field and provide affordable services to business owners.

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