SEO Marketing for Boutique Shop: A Guide

Are you an entrepreneur who recently ventured into the fashion industry?

Are you striving to reach your audience?

Are you aware of how SEO marketing can benefit you?

SEO Marketing for Boutique Shop.jpeg

Then you have landed yourself on the right blog, equipped with solutions to resolve your dilemma in a manageable ‘fashion’.

This guide for SEO marketing for a boutique shop is divided into seven simplified steps.

1. Opt for Google Analytics

In addition to outsourcing your SEO marketing campaign, you need to keep and in house look at your website’s analytics. Download Google Analytics application for your website to keep a check on traffic coming to your website for fashion solutions, the performance of your keywords and other useful information about your boutique shop’s audience.

2. Track your Indexing status

In order to check whether Google is crawling your website up to higher ranks, you need to enter your domain in Google search bar and check for pages shown versus actual pages your website has. This will be a check for any possible error hindering Google from indexing your website and the need to hire a marketing expert.

3. Google Webmaster

To keep up with the need to update your SEO marketing strategies for your boutique shop, you need to use Google Webmaster to track crawling data, backlinks, keyword performance etc. In this way, you assess the performance of SEO strategies design by the company you hired.

4. Image Optimisation

A greater part of the content for your boutique shop will be in the form images of the dresses you are offering. Therefore, in order to translate images into readable content for search engines, you ought to optimise the content you upload. The use of ALT tags can assist Google in associating words to images, therefore, ALT tags’ description ought to be as thorough as possible.

5. Categorised pages

Your website needs to have category pages for different types of dresses you are selling, for instance, formal, pret, casual, etc. These pages will attract a greater volume of customers and take them to the depths of services your boutique shop provides. However, VicVoice discourages excessive use of category pages to avoid duplicated content and lower chances of website crawling.

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