Facebook Ads for Real Estate

Top 3 tricks for competitive Facebook Ads for Real Estate

Real estate dealers are now completely aware of the fact that they do not need to be good at just selling properties; they need to be equally smart with social media marketing. Facebook ads for real estate businesses have evolved with time, creating a new platform for this industry to earn more revenues as per conversion rates. To survive on the Internet, you need your business to be visible to customers so that you can make your pitch. We firmly advocate the following trick for real estate agents when they opt for Facebook advertising.

1. Carousel ads:

Real estate is a perfect fit for carousel ads, as it depends on visuals to sell its business. Facebook ads work better in carousel format as it allows real estate businesses to put up pictures of properties in a series, giving customers the liberty of browsing in catalogue style. This way you have a higher probability of a customer arriving at your doorstep.

2. Video marketing

Now real estate agents have another chance at convincing their potential buyers by letting properties come to life through videos. Even though creating Facebook ads for real estate through videos seem like a daunting experience, it has been claimed they have over 400% more inquiry response chances than other ads. You can further take the leap among your competitors with the help of 360-degree videos, giving them more freedom in touring the property than actually being there.

3. Feature testimonials

In industries like real estate, trust building is the bridge between you and your buyers to ensure successful transactions and long-term relations. Instead of just you conversing through advertisements, let your customers accompany you in doing the talk. An unbiased source like your previous customers will garner honesty and their video or text-based testimonials will ensure your future buyers that they can invest in you.

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