Google Ads Mortgage Brokers

Google Ads Mistakes Mortgage Brokers Make

Google receives millions of searches for keywords related to the mortgage industry and to determine which ones, out of the pool of millions jumbled together, are more relevant for your conversion rate is highly critical. Therefore, before formulating Google Ads for mortgage brokers, we intend to enlighten our clients about in-depth keyword strategies. Mortgage brokers often make mistake they are not aware of and end up struggling with lower conversion rates.


1. Broad matching on keywords:

Google ads for mortgage brokers are often generating traffic relying upon a small group of keywords, not the entire keyword pool plugged in. The solution for broad matching keyword redundancy is using negative keywords. You can select a match type of a keyword you plug in and a large chunk of negative keywords in your broad matching groups. In this way, you will be able to tactfully avoid a grave mistake which hampers quality clicks on your ads and increases expenditure.

2. One ad group containing all keywords:

Often, in house marketing departments of mortgage brokers make the mistake of combining all keywords in one group while formulating Google ads. Each search is driven by a different buyer intent, requiring an individual response by the website. If a buyer were searching for ‘mortgage loans’, he would not want to see search results suggesting ‘mortgage broker services in Sydney’. Now, what you need to break down large keyword groups and separate them into similar meaning smaller groups. This creates greater lead and conversion rates, in addition to the following perks:

  • Increase in Google Quality Score

  • Increase in click-through rate

  • Decrease in overall cost per click

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