Google Ads Financial Consultants

Google Ads: A Goldmine for Financial Consultants

In a human world shrunken by the Internet, people are excessively reliant on search engines for anything and everything. Be it cooking recipes or looking for financial solutions when struck with unforeseen trouble. Now is the time for financial advisors to make the most of Google Adwords and create new horizons with opportunities untapped by most of the market shareholders. Google ads for financial consultants are still an untouched domain, holding a myriad of success opportunities. Here are a few winning tips for your financial consultancy to be ahead of the competitive game.


1. Be aware of cost-per-lead

Time is the most valuable asset for a financial consultant, sitting behind the desk for hours and crunched with numbers. Google ads for financial consultants are not time-consuming, they just require routine optimisation checkups and maintenance if hiccups arise. However, you need to be aware of cost-per-click, which is much higher for financial consultants as compared to other industries. Therefore, prioritise those ads as high which are the most relevant for you so that you pay-per-click when benefiting the company.

2. Location-based ads

Google ads for financial consultants do wonders when you set up a location of one or more areas you operate in. A client searching for ‘financial consultant in Melbourne’ or ‘financial advisors near me’ will be easier to attract and sell your business to. Instead of appearing in search engines in cities you do not offer services in. This way, you can save your marketing expenditure from getting wasted on unwanted clicks.

3. Ad scheduling

Industries like financial consultancy kick start work on client calls within a restricted time frame of the day. Google ads for financial consultants ought to be appearing on the client’s screen within your work hours so that you are in office to answer their queries and manage their financial issues. You can contact us for ad scheduling (day-parting) in the most effective ways and affordable packages.

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