Google Ads for Boutique Shops

Top Must-know hacks for Google Ads for Boutique Shops

On the complex side of the Internet world, lies a web of Google search engine marketing, thriving on Adwords. In this world, stakes for the fashion industry are extremely high, higher than any other industry per se. Even though visuals seem to make the product visualisation easier, getting your customers to make the purchase is the real nerve-wracking experience. Here at Vicvoice, we strongly believe in the strength of Google ads for boutique shops and, here are few must-know hacks for your retailing business.


1. Google Shopping

Google launched its shopping campaigns in recent past to advance advertising beyond the initial wonders of pay-per-click advertising. Now Google ads for boutique shops can display product visuals and details directly in search results, making it easier for buyers to make comparisons among substitutes and make a purchase in fewer clicks than before. These Product Listing Ads can benefit your boutique shop in the following ways:

  • More click through rate: Visuals are more attractive as compared to text ads, increasing your traffic flow.

  • More reaches: Your PLA and text ads can appear simultaneously, in some cases, getting you more presence than before.

  • More conversion rates: Customers will have a clearer sense of your product even before reaching your website, making it buying decision quicker.

2. Branded search

In Google ads for boutique shops, branded search entails keywords containing your brand name, appearing due to a paid advertisement. Some retailers do not want to spend their budget on branded searches because they mistakenly think that organic reach will get them, customers. However, your PPC performance becomes better when your paid ads appear along with organic search results, getting you rewards in the following ways:

  • Top position on search engines: Paid Google ads get you to command on position with less work required.

  • Appear in more search results: Your products show up along with text ads, making your reach wider than ever.

  • Less risk and more rewards: Branded keywords have become affordable due to Google’s Quality Scoring, with benefits of higher conversion rates attached to them. Now you can do more with fewer efforts.

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