Google Marketing for Accountants

How to Drive Traffic from Google Marketing for Accountants

Are you competing with a lot of accountants? How do you get that traffic pie from Google? Getting traffic from Google Marketing for Accountants can be a complex process if you have a lot of competitors around, but don’t let that stop you from reaching your goal. Below are some of the key tips that can help you get started even if you have no or limited knowledge about online marketing.

1. Update your Google My Business listing
You can either create a new one or manage your existing listing from the Google My Business site. You can add special opening hours for events or promotions.

2. Do your keyword research
The easiest way to find keywords is using Google’s free keyword tool to use in your page titles and content. Use keywords naturally and according to content. The simplest way to find keywords is to enter terms in the tool related to your services and also add your target location, and this way Google will suggest keywords searches and competition.

3. Add relevant page titles & meta descriptions
Page titles and meta descriptions are what Google uses for ranking your website. Therefore, both should be very clear and specific of what services you provide, including keywords.

4. Meta descriptions should be written as calls to action
Persuade people in your meta description, to click on your website. It helps you with rankings and increases website traffic significantly. For example

Looking to minimise your taxes? Hire us! We provide expert tax and accounting services to attain your financial goals.

5. Make your content structure easy to understand
Whether you are writing website content or blog or articles, make sure to add bullet points with proper headings and use of formats. This is how you can inspire your readers to visit more on your website social pages.

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