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Google Ads Extensions that Can Benefit Your Restaurant.

If you are an entrepreneur who recently ventured into the food industry, looking for ways to make your restaurant’s presence. Turning to Google Ads and utilising them to their full potential will be extremely crucial for your business. Google Ads for restaurants will perform better with extensions, here is a guide for you to avail their benefits at an optimum level.

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1. Site links extension

You can expand the reach of your Google Ad for your restaurant by adding additional site links. This link can make your menu, contact information and deals of the day more accessible to customers. When they can reach your menu with one click rather than a series of clicks, they will be compelled to order right away.  These site links can help you crawl your website as they indicate your relevance to Google’s visitors.

2. Call out extension

A call out extension is a must have to have an edge over your competitors.  Google ads for your restaurant will generate instant leads when a link to your phone number is displayed along with the search ad.  An Internet user can simply click on the number and call your restaurant to place an order.

3. Review extension

This is an extension that works like a magnet for a Google ad put up for your restaurant. A customer’s comment quoted on your restaurant's search ad will attract more customers as it is an indication of the trustworthiness of your restaurant and the quality of your services.

4. Location extension

When an Internet user searches for a specific cuisine in his local area and your restaurant pops up in Google search, then it is a sign of a location extension working effectively for the Google ad for your restaurant. A customer will navigate easily to your restaurant, as a location extension mentions your restaurant’s address on a Google ad.

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