Lead Generation For Accountants

Why Is Lead Generation For Accountants So Challenging?

Generating qualified accounting leads is a complex job due to a couple of good reasons. First, there are compliance requirements to use certain audit and tax services, so the thinking process is that if I must do it, I should try to minimize costs. Second, accounting services are the need of every business needs, so there is high competition. And since same accounting laws and principles apply across industries, so all are competing out there.

Simple Tricks for Lead Generation for Accountants

1. Get serious about social media

The use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is continuously growing in popularity with 2 billion average monthly users.  Social media is simply the online and easiest version of networking. So if you have a strong presence on these platforms, you are likely to connect with your potential clients now and in the future.

2. Do a major study and publish very useful content.

Nothing adds credibility like the release of a groundbreaking specific industry study. Of course, if you answer a question in your published content everyone is dying to have answered, chances of being noticed will be high and taken seriously. Find a useful topic to target your group and explain it in a simple, understandable way.

3. Landing page apps and plugins

Do you have a good website for your accounting company? If not, hire an experienced web developer to the job. There is also software that can help you build a landing page, but we suggest you to hire your webmaster to set it up. Also maintain an updated blog section in your website that provides useful information to the visitors to keep them updated about the latest changes in the industry, etc. A good, SEO based, blog section will help you reach your target audience in a very short period.   

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