Lead Generation for Boutique Shop

E-commerce Marketing: A Guide to Lead Generation for Boutique Shop

Every online store wants to increase customer portal which is only possible with the use of right digital marketing tactics. Online selling is a challenging job! This is why you need to be vigilant which marketing tactics are right for your business and which should be discarded.  In this blog, we have discussed a few effective marketing strategies to help you reach your target audience.

1. Launch a Facebook store

You have no idea how facebook might help you in increasing your customer portal. Although the platform has undergone a number of changes still it remains a viable e-commerce marketing platform. The Facebook store can integrate with Shopify store; better yet you don’t have to keep a record of separate inventory.

2. Capture more email subscribers

Email marketing is the most effective and easiest channels at your disposal for Lead Generation for Boutique Shop. On an average, it contributes 24% of revenue. Email marketing can offer intimate interaction with customers as messages sent to their personal inboxes are more responsive than social media post.

3. Improve your email campaigns

Collect a bunch of email addresses and send regular, valuable emails for an effective e-commerce marketing activity. Your subscribers will appreciate if you send emails on various occasions. Like you can:

  • Send a welcome email when a customer makes a purchase.

  • Send regular newsletters of new discount offers, product tips, and company news when appropriate.

  • Provide exclusive gifts and promo codes.

  • Share relevant, helpful content of customer’s interest to help them.

  • Send a personal note and thank your highest-value customers, expressing your appreciation for their trust in you.

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