Lead Generation for Ecommerce Store

3 Best Ways for Lead Generation for Ecommerce Store

E-commerce Lead Generation

Are you running an online store? ECommerce lead generation is different than a lead generation in other industries. This is because there isn’t probably a physical store to visit and your target leads are people who are likely to buy something from your online store. What is a lead? Simply, every visitor who reaches your website landing page is a lead. Greater the leads, greater will be the sales. That’s it.

Let’s have a look at three different ways of creating Lead Generation for an Ecommerce store.


1. Take Advantage of Cookies

What is a cookie? A cookie in PHP is used to identify a user. It is a small file (on the user's computer) that the server embeds. You can retarget visitors based on the cookies they receive when visiting your website. So it’s better to take advantage of visitors’ cookies for retargeting them.

2. Build Your Social Following

Did you know that the distance between lead and sale is very small? If visitors (aka leads) have shown interest in your brand, you can call them your social media followers. Therefore, social media helps e-commerce store to grow in a way that traditional advertising simply can’t.

3. Offer Discounts and Deals

For e-commerce, lead generation is a valuable strategy. One effective way is to offer great deals and discounts to people who are willing to buy from you. Try getting email addresses and in exchange, you could offer free shipping… after all, the best start for Lead Generation for E-commerce is setting up an email list. Email marketing helps you communicate effectively and nurture leads.

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