A Guide for Google Ad strategies for Electricians

Why would the blue-collar industry need pay-per-click advertisement? What could be the relevance of an electrician with a Google ad? How can Google ads for electricians make a difference?

They may not have degrees in marketing or business planning, but they do have the skills to make your faulty machines work. Certainly, they have an impending need to connect the masses and sell their services through Google Ads. Google Ads for electricians can make a remarkable difference and here is a simple guide for the blue-collar industry to make it big.

Google Ad strategies for Electricians.jpeg

1. You can make location-specific ads

Location is a major deal breaker when it comes to this industry, especially when the customer prefers services he can avail quickly as compared to one who takes hours to commute. Google ads for electricians can even drill your business down to a radius of a few miles. Location specific keywords in your ads will attract customers as well as revenues.

2. Encourage phone calls through Adwords

Phone calls have more potential of clarity with respect to emails or messages, especially when it comes to problem specific services a customer needs. In addition to that, a phone call builds trust. There are following ways to encourage phone calls using Google Ads for electricians:

  • Call only advertisement campaigns

  • Call extensions

  • Phone text broadcast on landing pages

  • Mobile friendly landing pages

3. Testimonial based Google Ads

Trust is a vital and only driving force in the service industry, especially when you may be operating as a one-man army in some cases. For an electrician who doesn’t have a service providing company but he’s operating on his own, his customer testimonials can create a market base for him. Getting your customers to give you feedback and then plugging that feedback in your Google ad, you will be one step ahead than your competitor. Following strategies to involve testimonials in Google ads for electricians can work wonders:

  • Employing review extensions

  • Testimonials on landing pages

  • Video testimonials on your homepage

  • A specific part of your website showcasing reviews

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