5 Tips to Improve E-commerce Strategies with Google Ads

E-commerce is the most competitive industry in the growing world of the Internet. Online businesses are springing up every instant, adding a plethora of choices for buyers to buy from. Google ads for e-commerce make it easier for online business owners to extend their market share and earn revenues to meet their yearly goals. Following tips can be transformed into effective strategies with the help of a marketing agency to materialise your e-commerce business dreams.

E-commerce Strategies with Google Ads.jpeg

1. One-keyword ad groups

Single keyword ad groups not only increase conversion rates, but they also minimise conversion costs as well. Google ads for e-commerce work best when one keyword is used for an ad group, instead, a chain of multiple keywords grouped together. In this way, keyword specific ads can increase the chances of your ad being displayed.

2. Countdown for offers

Countdown timers for deals, for instance, ‘2 days and 4 hours left’ are like time bombs to get your customer on his toes so that he avails your deal in time. In this way, Google ads for e-commerce business generate a sense of urgency. In addition to the go-getter customer response, these countdowns decrease conversion costs and increase leads.

3. An Adword per product

Individual Adwords for every product you sell is another feature you can capitalise on. Google Ads for e-commerce can be made dynamic by allowing Google to decide when your ad will appear. You need to design a template for a generic ad for your business. Then Google will insert a highly specific headline to give you a product-specific coverage. This strategy has the potential of boosting your online store’s conversion rate up to 28%.

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