google ads for a travel agency

A Perfect Recipe for Google Ads for Travel Agencies

Travellers turn to social media and search engines even before they start planning their next vacation. Similarly, the tourism industry gets its best shots on the Internet, rather than conventional print media or walk-in clients. Google ads for travel agencies are the building blocks of success on the Internet, so here is a perfect recipe for your travel agency, as it ventures into the world of online marketing. After all, the tourism industry is extensively competitive on the web, being the third highest spender on advertising.

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Sell your specialty

In order to penetrate in your niche market successfully with the help of Google ads for the travel agency, build upon on unique selling points so that your reliance on rare keywords makes you stand out. Following points can be effective selling points for a traveller to pick your agency out of hundreds listed on Google:

  • Can you accommodate travellers travelling with pets?

  • Can you serve travellers with special tour request, for instance, strawberry farm tours or wine tours?

  • Can you provide a comfortable experience for people with disabilities?

In this way, you can avail the benefits of a top ranking on SERP and successfully sell to a smaller target market.

Deals sell more

A deal is never turned down, even by a traveller who spends on luxury, more than the travelling experience. Mention prices and discounts in Google ads for your travel agency, nothing attracts a traveller more than percentages. A greater bet at selling deals is discounted with a time period, for instance, a 20% discount for the month of December will be far more appealing than any of your customers. In this way, you can compel your buyers to make decisions quickly.

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