Top 2 Google Ad Mistakes Accountants need to avoid

We all know how impossible it is to market our business and sell our products without the Internet assisting us. We also are aware of how Google Adwords function and the successes they can bring to our companies. But, being industries like Accountancy, we rarely get to work with Internet marketing on a regular basis. Many accountants waste months and months in order to figure how can they utilise Google Ads for their firms and by the time they get the hang of it, their competitors are way ahead in the race to capture the target market. We strongly believe in making you aware of the mistake you can avoid in order to save your time and energies.

Google Marketing for Travel Agency.jpeg

1. There is no generic approach

Marketing goes by specificity, there is no room for one-for-all approaches if you are looking for success by any margin. Google ads for accountants work on specific paths, you may take the following two directions.

  • Niche specific: Using niche-based Google AdWords will always yield better performance scores than general ads. Tag or keywords like ‘Accountancy services for entrepreneurs’ or ‘Online Accountant services’ will let you penetrate in a focused target market, creating leads for you.

  • Location specific: Consultancies who work in a specific area or do not have branches spread out in different locations, need to attach location tags in their Google ads, along with directions.

2. Do not direct clients to your website, rather a specific landing page

Most of our accountant clients come to us when they have been making this mistake. This is a red flag for accountancy firms that offer a range of services but specialise in specific ones. Google ads for accountants will be getting clicks but not materialising leads because of the various call to actions on your website. If your accountancy firms want more clients from a specific industry like entrepreneurs. Then it needs to create landing pages for those entrepreneurs clicking on ads, otherwise, they will reach your website and not find a mention of ‘Accountancy services for entrepreneurs’, resulting in decreased leads.

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