Tricks for Creating Facebook Ads for Boutique Shop That Actually Boost Sales

For e-commerce owners, Facebook is a fantastic platform to showcase their products to a bigger audience and ultimately boost sales.  Facebook Ads for Boutique Shop gives you an easy way to target your customer around the world. Are you sick of losing money on traditional advertisement? Take help of Facebook Ads. Using certain tricks and tips, a shop owner can get more leads and more sales. Read below!

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1. Use a Video Advert
A video advert prioritises video content. A video is much more likely to get hits when finding its way onto people’s news feed. Statistics show that Facebook users watch videos more than reading a piece of content.

2. Use Facebook ‘Offers’
Who doesn’t want to avail discounts? Everyone loves deals and discounts so if you’ve got your products on sale, don’t forget to create an advert specifically for the offer.

3. ‘Boost’ Your Popular Post
Boosting an existing post that has already generated tons of leads is a great idea. You know it works. Boost your exciting post to reach thousands of users that might turn into potential customers.

Key: To create best Facebook Ads for Boutique Shop, Split your ad into different categories

To make it easier, split your ads into elements so that you can better visualise the things.

Ad Design

  • Image

  • Headline

  • Text

  • Call to action


  • Interests

  • Age

  • Education Level

  • Country

  • Gender

  • Purchase Behaviours

  • Custom Audiences

  • Relationship Status


  • Ad Type

  • Ad Placement

  • Campaign Objective

  • Landing Page/Product Page

Optimise Every Element of Your Facebook Ads For Boutique Shop

Your ads have a direct impact on your leads and conversions. Advertisers who neglect these important steps lose their money. Therefore, you need to optimise every element.

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