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3 Tips for Google Marketing for Financial Consultant

Not many financial consultants are taking advantage of Search Engine Optimisation technique right now. What as a financial advisor you need to know about SEO? This blog will give you incredibly valuable information that will help you grow your financial consultancy business.

  • Perform keyword research.
    The first and foremost rule of SEO is to do keywords research-the flesh and blood of Google search engines and Google Marketing for Financial Consultant. Whenever you search on Google, you do it by typing keywords right? Potential clients do the same way when looking for a financial advisor. With the help of a right set of keywords, your business can come on the top of the search results.  

  • Create high-quality content.
    Did you know that “content is king”? Content is the ruler of the business and internet world, and the search engine organises and delivers relevant content to the audience. If your content is relevant and integrated with the right keywords, the more are the chances of success. However, make sure that the content should not be over stuff with full of the keywords called “keyword stuffing,” otherwise, search engines can impose a penalty for it. Therefore, focus on well-written content with a few strategically placed keywords.

  • Backlinking is important
    When it comes to SEO, another fundamental is building backlinks (incoming links, from another site, to your site) which allows you to rank higher.

Choose the Best SEO Services

Don’t risk your valuable business for the sake of saving dollars. SEO is an important part of Google Marketing for Financial Consultant, therefore, makes sure to hire the best services in town.

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Want To Reach Right People Via Google Marketing For Small Business?

Why To Go Online?

In the world of digital marketing, 94 per cent of consumers research about products online before buying. There is no longer any doubt that Google marketing is the key to success no matter what your business is and what its size is. Online marketing can do many things like drive visitors to your website, generate traffic to your shop, or gather emails for a newsletter.

With the introduction of Google Ads, people now easily search from their phones for what they want, watch videos on YouTube, and discover places on Google Maps, all while on the go. Google Ads help businesses connect with relevant customers across all partner sites. Small business owners can now use Smart campaigns, by tailoring the advertising technology available with Google Marketing For Small Business. You can now drive real results by creating ads in minutes—like sending leads to your website.

For 90 per cent owners, the main goal of Google marketing is to get customers to call or make a purchase.

How to Stand Out From the Competition?

Take help of colourful Images of your products or services to stand out, making it easier to show the world what makes your brand unique. Select the top images or upload your own, to reach the right people at the right moment.

Here’s how Google Marketing For Small Business works:

  • Set goals

  • Identify targets

  • Learn about current customers

  • Checkout competitors

  • Set a strategy

  • Track your results

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Is Adword A Great Choice For Google Marketing For Plumbers?

AdWords for Plumbing greatly improve their demand of services. If you own a plumbing business and haven’t yet set up an AdWords campaign, it’s a high time to use this tool efficiently. Right PPC marketing and choosing the right keywords help you reach your target audience, but before that, it is vital to make your website user-friendly for visitors. Otherwise, you will end up with zero results.

What Is A Good Landing Page For Google Marketing For Plumbers?

A landing page aimed at driving visitors to a website and should use numerous parts like result-oriented headlines, trust badges, explainer videos, testimonials, etc. Since every click provides you benefits, there’s no room for an error so be careful when designing a landing page of your website. Below are some Do’s to follow:


  • Use attractive headlines like award-winning or certified professionals or 1 Million satisfied customers to inspire potential customers.

  • After creating a headline, add the location you need to cover. It will immediately help you gain customer confidence that they have landed at the right place.

  • For plumbing service providers, give your customer an option of click to call button to make it easier for the user to avail your services.

  • Use of call-to-action words like Free consultation helps you reach maximum leads. For more personal touch use creative and emotional words like Your personal bathroom Doctor, etc. to help calm their anxiety.

  • Make contact us form very easy and limited field (not more than five).

  • Add the call-to-action button at the bottom of the form.

  • For content, use SEO keywords to help your customers to find you.

  • Add an informative video and pictures related to your plumbing service.

If you need any help related to Google Marketing for Plumbers, ping us right now!

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Is Investing In Google Marketing For Electricians A Good Choice?

Over a period of time, AdWords is a major source for business. For Electrical services, AdWords is in great demand and has given a promising business to some business owners. But AdWords for Electricians is a little tricky as it doesn't work for every practice area. Let’s dive in more.

Right PPC Keywords for Electricians

If you practice electrician service, you can invest in PPC marketing- huge in online search. If you haven’t yet set up an Adwords campaign, you are practically missing out a huge customer portal. Therefore, use this tool efficiently or instead of getting benefits it may end up costing you.

Choosing right keywords for your Google Marketing For Electricians AdWords campaign can be a challenging task. Should you go for long tail keywords? Or more mainstream keywords? We suggest you strike a balance between both keywords. Yes, target both long tail and short tail keywords to get the most out of your campaign.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends

Both of these are a great tool for helping you choose smart keywords for Google Marketing For Electricians. It enables you to compare keyword variations, evaluate the popularity of certain terms, analyze how their popularity varies and shows related keywords.  These tools can be helpful, for new and old existing campaigns, in getting new keyword suggestions.

If unsure about the usage of these tools, it would be better to hire an experienced SEO professional who knows all ins and outs of using keyword planner and other tools.

Take help of professionals!

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A Guide on Google Marketing for E-commerce

There is a lot of marketing tools coming out of Google Labs that would benefit your e-commerce business. Many of these are free. Whether you need to translate product description into another a language or need to determine the visibility of your online presence such as a website or social media platform, there’s a Google tool for that.

Here is a list of Google tools for Google Marketing for E-commerce business.

Business Tools

  •  Analytics
    This is the web analytics solution that tells you about your traffic data or visitors’ behaviour to help you create better-targeted ads; better content that interests your visitors etc. By using this tool, you can manage your AdWords campaigns in a better way.

  •  Alerts
    Behaviour Alerts help that businesses that rely on having the latest information in the industry. Simply enter in the topic you wish to monitor, the volume of results you plan to achieve, the type of data you want from news to blogs and more, and get it all via email. Create your news story on time and stay on your competitor.

  • Picasa
    The e-commerce business is all about visuals. With the help of Picasa, you can edit, store and share photos online. It is advisable to create slideshows of your products and embed those into your website.

  • Real-time
    Search out all activity in real time on social networks, track popular posts, follow trends and tweets from around the world, find articles, blog posts all in real time.

  • Docs
    This powerful suite manages office documents rivals. Create and collaborate anything from Microsoft Office, on spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, robust word processing, and interactive forms for surveys.

Want to Learn More About Google Marketing For E-commerce?

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Looking To Boost Your SEO? Take Help of Google AdWords Keyword Planner For Google Marketing For Restaurant

Google AdWords Keyword Planner
Fortunately, the SEO Gods have blessed all business owners with an awesome (free) tool that helps owners to make informed decisions. Sound cool? The Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool help you plan your AdWords campaigns like finding new keywords and offer suggestions with your organic keyword research to boost your SEO ranking. First, do some keyword research as the first step towards Google Marketing for Restaurant. Keyword research helps you in getting your audience as you're creating blog and website content for them, focusing keywords so you can get found by the right searchers.

To start with this ‘Keyword Planner’ tool, you will need to set up an AdWords account, but that doesn't mean you need to create an ad. In addition to this tool, Google Trends can be a great tool to make smarter keyword choices.

You can use Keyword Planner to:

  • Research keywords:
    Looking to create a new campaign? Find keywords to add to your new campaign. If not, find keywords to add to your existing campaign. How to research keywords? You can start your search based on terms that are relevant to your brand, website or product or service.

  • Get traffic forecasts and historical statistics:
    Use search volume to decide which keywords to use for a campaign. Forecasts, like estimated conversions and predicted clicks, can give you an idea of a keyword's performance for a given budget. With the help of statistics and forecasts, you can make your decision on which bids to set.

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Learn About Faster and Smarter Google Marketing for Pizza Shop

There are many ways to market your pizza shop. First, determine the market area and the type of customers you want to target. People of all ages love to eat pizza, but many prefer home delivery while others may want to dine in. Therefore, before you make a marketing plan, do some customer survey.

This blog highlights some ideas for Google Marketing for Pizza Shop that you can include in your plan that can lead to an increase leads and sales.

‘Google My Business’ is The Helpful Google Marketing Tools

Whether you’re looking for a long-term partnership or help with a single project, Google Marketing Platform has the expertise to help you achieve more for your business. Do you know about free advertising on Google? It’s a real thing.

If you are a business owner you can claim your Google My Business listing (Google Places), to feature your business in the search results and Google Maps for local searches.

Keep in mind that you can automatically create a Google+ Page, through the setup of your listing, for your business. Learn more about the Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick Digital Marketing to help you plan, buy, measure and optimise digital media in one place.

  • Google Webmaster Tools
    This tool will help you get a better insight about how healthy your online presence ‘website’ is in the eyes of Google and alert you to any red flags that act as a barrier to rank you on the top of search results.  For this, you need to set up a Google Webmaster Tools account to analyze your existing search traffic.

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Google Ads Extensions that Can Benefit Your Restaurant.

If you are an entrepreneur who recently ventured into the food industry, looking for ways to make your restaurant’s presence. Turning to Google Ads and utilising them to their full potential will be extremely crucial for your business. Google Ads for restaurants will perform better with extensions, here is a guide for you to avail their benefits at an optimum level.

Online Marketing For Restaurant.jpeg

1. Site links extension

You can expand the reach of your Google Ad for your restaurant by adding additional site links. This link can make your menu, contact information and deals of the day more accessible to customers. When they can reach your menu with one click rather than a series of clicks, they will be compelled to order right away.  These site links can help you crawl your website as they indicate your relevance to Google’s visitors.

2. Call out extension

A call out extension is a must have to have an edge over your competitors.  Google ads for your restaurant will generate instant leads when a link to your phone number is displayed along with the search ad.  An Internet user can simply click on the number and call your restaurant to place an order.

3. Review extension

This is an extension that works like a magnet for a Google ad put up for your restaurant. A customer’s comment quoted on your restaurant's search ad will attract more customers as it is an indication of the trustworthiness of your restaurant and the quality of your services.

4. Location extension

When an Internet user searches for a specific cuisine in his local area and your restaurant pops up in Google search, then it is a sign of a location extension working effectively for the Google ad for your restaurant. A customer will navigate easily to your restaurant, as a location extension mentions your restaurant’s address on a Google ad.

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3 Promising Ideas for Google Ads for Pizza Shop

Business Insider ranks Pizza industry as the fastest growing among its fast-food competitors, owing to the sales of independent pizza shops. It has been a product of constant advertising efforts in e-commerce, flashy Google ads and social media pages.

3 Promising Ideas for Google Ads for Pizza Shop.jpg

Google ads for pizza shops have made a remarkable difference in expanding their business, creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as an established business. We are listing down top 3 tips for Google ads for pizza shops to build their fortunes and success stories:

1. Vacation-Themed Promotions

Pizza has been the order of choice in family gatherings as it allows sharing as a family or group of friends gather around a table to devour the taste slice by slice. Ideal for family getaways or picnic with friends, people opt for pizza for food-on-the-go. So why not offer holiday deals in your Google ads to attract more customers?

2. Professional photographs

Contrary to popular belief, pizza may not always sell on its own. A poorly photographed thin crust pizza will lag behind a thick patty burger. So make the right choice in hiring a professional photographer who has the talent to capture the oozing cheese out of your thin crust to trigger customer imagination.

3. Brand prominence is equally important

Sale driven promotions with Google ads has been the go-to approach for pizza shop owners, however, it does not work in every case.  A flashy Google ad will get you sales, but you will witness a greater jump in your revenues once you start promoting your brand. In order to create a brand image in a customer’s mind, your Google ads must feature a glimpse of your company culture. For instance, announcing special days for kitchen tours with a complimentary pizza will increase your brand’s engagement and trust. Therefore, building connections with your brand and pizza you serve are the right way to advertise through Google ads for your pizza shop.

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