Why Is Lead Generation for Restaurant Important?

Do you own a restaurant and tired of the cutthroat competition? With lots of rapidly changing trends and competition, it is now getting tough to keep your restaurant business at the forefront of customers’ minds.

Lead generation is the marketing process of capturing consumer’s interest in a product or service to develop a good sales pipeline. The buying process as compared to a few years back has drastically changed now. Therefore, marketers need to find new attractive ways to reach potential buyers. Instead of finding customers with traditional advertising methods, the businessman must now focus on being tech savvy and learn to build relationships with buyers.


Let’s explore some techniques for Lead Generation for Restaurant to attract new customers and maintain existing customers coming back.

Offer Customers Something New

Many prospective customers are tech-savvy and may not have time to wait in queues or to even sit down for a long time dinner. Therefore, you need to think accordingly and make it easy for customers to order food from you. A few techniques include:

  • Implement delivery services:  
    Give customers the convenience of enjoying your food without leaving their homes.

  • Implement food order app:
    Keep up with technology to generate leads for your business. From ordering your restaurant food online to reserving a table, customers like to book everything via an app. Filling out an online form is easier than making a phone call and waiting for someone to answer.

  • Make your website accessible to all devices:
    Your website should be updated with latest deals and promotions of your restaurant and easily accessible on smartphones

  • Create a facebook page:
    Facebook has around 2 billion monthly users from all over the world so why not to market your business on this leading platform? Create an attractive page and run Ads to generate more leads.

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Don’t You Have Marketing Support? Learn How Social Media Help You In Lead Generation For Pizza Shop

A sales lead defined as advertising, marketing, referrals, social media, product trials, networking, and outreach is the best way to reach the target audience. Many businessmen don't have the marketing support to generate leads but still, have to capture the hearts of people. Luckily, social media has helped many businesses to reach their target audience in a short period. Here are a few ways you can use social media for generating inbound leads on your own.


Lead Generation For Pizza Shop

Facebook ads help you find prospective customers if you use it effectively for generating lead activities. Sending Facebook traffic from an Ad to your website landing page is the best ways to find qualified leads that, are likely to convert to a final sale.


Contests help to generate qualified leads. However, it is important that you include the right kind of prize and optimises them intelligently.

4 Strategies For Generating Leads With A Facebook Ad And Landing Page

1.  Create a colourful Ad which highlights your contest’s prize is front.

2. Make your prize valuable.

3. Create a landing page (contest-centred) which requires users to provide their contact details like an email address to enter the contest.

4. Run contest and ad for 2-4 weeks at least.

Facebook Ad Headline Best Practice:

  • The word “Free” will attract users.

  • Focus your headline on being communicating value and should be eye-catching. Your body copy tells users what to do.

Facebook Ad targeting is simply the best marketing strategy that makes ROI feasible and a good investment. We recommend you to hire experts for the job because an ad without targeting is a waste of time and money.

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Top Must-know hacks for Google Ads for Boutique Shops

On the complex side of the Internet world, lies a web of Google search engine marketing, thriving on Adwords. In this world, stakes for the fashion industry are extremely high, higher than any other industry per se. Even though visuals seem to make the product visualisation easier, getting your customers to make the purchase is the real nerve-wracking experience. Here at Vicvoice, we strongly believe in the strength of Google ads for boutique shops and, here are few must-know hacks for your retailing business.


1. Google Shopping

Google launched its shopping campaigns in recent past to advance advertising beyond the initial wonders of pay-per-click advertising. Now Google ads for boutique shops can display product visuals and details directly in search results, making it easier for buyers to make comparisons among substitutes and make a purchase in fewer clicks than before. These Product Listing Ads can benefit your boutique shop in the following ways:

  • More click through rate: Visuals are more attractive as compared to text ads, increasing your traffic flow.

  • More reaches: Your PLA and text ads can appear simultaneously, in some cases, getting you more presence than before.

  • More conversion rates: Customers will have a clearer sense of your product even before reaching your website, making it buying decision quicker.

2. Branded search

In Google ads for boutique shops, branded search entails keywords containing your brand name, appearing due to a paid advertisement. Some retailers do not want to spend their budget on branded searches because they mistakenly think that organic reach will get them, customers. However, your PPC performance becomes better when your paid ads appear along with organic search results, getting you rewards in the following ways:

  • Top position on search engines: Paid Google ads get you to command on position with less work required.

  • Appear in more search results: Your products show up along with text ads, making your reach wider than ever.

  • Less risk and more rewards: Branded keywords have become affordable due to Google’s Quality Scoring, with benefits of higher conversion rates attached to them. Now you can do more with fewer efforts.

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Google Ads Mistakes Mortgage Brokers Make

Google receives millions of searches for keywords related to the mortgage industry and to determine which ones, out of the pool of millions jumbled together, are more relevant for your conversion rate is highly critical. Therefore, before formulating Google Ads for mortgage brokers, we intend to enlighten our clients about in-depth keyword strategies. Mortgage brokers often make mistake they are not aware of and end up struggling with lower conversion rates.


1. Broad matching on keywords:

Google ads for mortgage brokers are often generating traffic relying upon a small group of keywords, not the entire keyword pool plugged in. The solution for broad matching keyword redundancy is using negative keywords. You can select a match type of a keyword you plug in and a large chunk of negative keywords in your broad matching groups. In this way, you will be able to tactfully avoid a grave mistake which hampers quality clicks on your ads and increases expenditure.

2. One ad group containing all keywords:

Often, in house marketing departments of mortgage brokers make the mistake of combining all keywords in one group while formulating Google ads. Each search is driven by a different buyer intent, requiring an individual response by the website. If a buyer were searching for ‘mortgage loans’, he would not want to see search results suggesting ‘mortgage broker services in Sydney’. Now, what you need to break down large keyword groups and separate them into similar meaning smaller groups. This creates greater lead and conversion rates, in addition to the following perks:

  • Increase in Google Quality Score

  • Increase in click-through rate

  • Decrease in overall cost per click

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Google Ads: A Goldmine for Financial Consultants

In a human world shrunken by the Internet, people are excessively reliant on search engines for anything and everything. Be it cooking recipes or looking for financial solutions when struck with unforeseen trouble. Now is the time for financial advisors to make the most of Google Adwords and create new horizons with opportunities untapped by most of the market shareholders. Google ads for financial consultants are still an untouched domain, holding a myriad of success opportunities. Here are a few winning tips for your financial consultancy to be ahead of the competitive game.


1. Be aware of cost-per-lead

Time is the most valuable asset for a financial consultant, sitting behind the desk for hours and crunched with numbers. Google ads for financial consultants are not time-consuming, they just require routine optimisation checkups and maintenance if hiccups arise. However, you need to be aware of cost-per-click, which is much higher for financial consultants as compared to other industries. Therefore, prioritise those ads as high which are the most relevant for you so that you pay-per-click when benefiting the company.

2. Location-based ads

Google ads for financial consultants do wonders when you set up a location of one or more areas you operate in. A client searching for ‘financial consultant in Melbourne’ or ‘financial advisors near me’ will be easier to attract and sell your business to. Instead of appearing in search engines in cities you do not offer services in. This way, you can save your marketing expenditure from getting wasted on unwanted clicks.

3. Ad scheduling

Industries like financial consultancy kick start work on client calls within a restricted time frame of the day. Google ads for financial consultants ought to be appearing on the client’s screen within your work hours so that you are in office to answer their queries and manage their financial issues. You can contact us for ad scheduling (day-parting) in the most effective ways and affordable packages.

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Smart Google Ad Campaigns for Small Business

2018 was the year when Google launched the campaign option for a small business to reach new heights. Now Google Ads for small business can do better owing to the following aspects of Google’s smart campaign. So, let’s learn and make the most of it!


1. Simple is Successful

The central idea of this new feature is simplifying marketing elements for small businesses so that they do not have to build marketing departments when they have a million other tasks to deal with. When you plan on creating Google ads for your newly launched small business, Smart Google campaign will be your approach by default. Star to end automated process will assist you in creating the ad to calibrating its delivery.

2. Solutions made easy

Google has ventured into this campaign style to make complexity resolvable for businesses that operate on a small scale. Google claims that smart campaigns generate ads that have the optimum potential of reaching nearly 9 billion users per month and receiving direction requests by over 3 million people. This is a very thoughtful dynamic considering the need ease a small business anticipates in solving its problems.

3. Works without a website

Google has been considerate towards business who do not own a website. In order to facilitate them, it has enabled Google ads for such small businesses through this approach. Google’s auto-created landing pages will resolve this dilemma, being compatible with the ad and having built-in reporting mechanism.  

Google ads for small business can thrive extensively on a platform like Smart Google Ads. We advise our clients to look into their goals before coming to us so that we map in house strategies for them to work simultaneously with us.

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Top 3 hacks for successful Google ads for Plumbers

Service Industry has managed to get a grip on the wonders of online marketing; however, there is far more untapped potential than it seems. If you are a sole proprietor of a plumbing services offering company or running a plumbing firm, you need to dig deeper into the complex mechanics of Google Ads for plumbers. In the service industry, survival and sustenance mean lead generation, there are no second thoughts about it. Following 4 tricks can get you success among your competitors, provided that you firmly believe in them.


1. DIY terminologies do not sustain

If you want to spend your marketing budget effectively and convert your advertising expenditure into future sales, then do not list ‘do-it-yourself’ terms on your website. They will drive traffic, guaranteed, but once people reach your website and discover that you are a regular plumbing services company, it will do the damage. Therefore, block such keywords and appear among high-quality search results, making the most of Google ads for plumbers.

2. Consider Remarketing

Going back to your previous customers is more affordable than finding new clients. In remarketing approach, you can avail much higher lead generation rates through Google ads for plumbers. Thus, sit back and let remarketing technique create reminders for your old customers. In this way, you will be spending a small additional amount on re-appearance of your ad, rather than sourcing a new ad altogether.

3. Thrive on emergency

Employing emergency keywords in Google ads for plumbers cater to the urgency a customer is facing. ‘Plumbing after hours’, ‘Urgent plumbing services’ will drive customers towards your business when your competitors are fast asleep and you make the most of it. When your ads flash 24/7 services, you will be the leading the company to potential customers, converting traffic into leads. However, do mention emergency contact details for your customers to reach you as you target them in emergency plumbing ad groups.

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Top 2 Google Ad Mistakes Accountants need to avoid

We all know how impossible it is to market our business and sell our products without the Internet assisting us. We also are aware of how Google Adwords function and the successes they can bring to our companies. But, being industries like Accountancy, we rarely get to work with Internet marketing on a regular basis. Many accountants waste months and months in order to figure how can they utilise Google Ads for their firms and by the time they get the hang of it, their competitors are way ahead in the race to capture the target market. We strongly believe in making you aware of the mistake you can avoid in order to save your time and energies.

Google Marketing for Travel Agency.jpeg

1. There is no generic approach

Marketing goes by specificity, there is no room for one-for-all approaches if you are looking for success by any margin. Google ads for accountants work on specific paths, you may take the following two directions.

  • Niche specific: Using niche-based Google AdWords will always yield better performance scores than general ads. Tag or keywords like ‘Accountancy services for entrepreneurs’ or ‘Online Accountant services’ will let you penetrate in a focused target market, creating leads for you.

  • Location specific: Consultancies who work in a specific area or do not have branches spread out in different locations, need to attach location tags in their Google ads, along with directions.

2. Do not direct clients to your website, rather a specific landing page

Most of our accountant clients come to us when they have been making this mistake. This is a red flag for accountancy firms that offer a range of services but specialise in specific ones. Google ads for accountants will be getting clicks but not materialising leads because of the various call to actions on your website. If your accountancy firms want more clients from a specific industry like entrepreneurs. Then it needs to create landing pages for those entrepreneurs clicking on ads, otherwise, they will reach your website and not find a mention of ‘Accountancy services for entrepreneurs’, resulting in decreased leads.

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3 Simple Daily Actions to Take For Lead Generation for Travel Agency

Did you know that most travel agents are unaware of digital marketing and so unable to generate leads? If you’re one of them, start thinking about winning new customers to earn a good profit. In this blog, we will highlight how the following actions will take your travel agency business to the next level:

internet marketing for E-commerce.jpeg

3 Easy Ways for Lead Generation for Travel Agency  

1. Live stream New Destinations

How’s the idea of live streaming new destinations? It’s the best way to attract new visitors. Use tools such as Periscope and Facebook Live that can be downloaded to make new inspiring content for your website. A powerful marketing video is a must-have to create real-time engagement with travellers.

2. Decision Micro-Moments

Watch >Discover >Research > Buy it. What does it mean?

As a travel agent, you must understand your customers thinking process that will probably go through like:

  • Dreaming – customers dream “I want to get away.”

  • Planning – the customer wants: this trip to be perfect. As a travel agent, you must plan each trip to the minute details.

  • Booking – customer now will look for booking “I want to get the best travel agent.”

  • Experience – learn what your customer want “I want skiing.” Create memorable moments for your client. Learn their preferences before you plan with them. If they want skiing, make sure to make it happen.

3. SEO

You cannot move on without having a good SEO expert that constantly manages your travel agency business online and help you get more leads and customers.

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